Enjet, LLC

5373 West Alabama, Suite 502 Houston, Texas 77056

Enjet specializes in the worldwide marketing, blending and storage of carbon black feedstock oils, fuel oils and feedstocks.

Enjet's specialties include finished grade CBO (carbon black feedstock oil); utility fuels, fuel oil blendstocks, cutterstocks, and refinery feedstocks. Many of our custom blended oils are used to cut sulfur, viscosity, and pour point or improve BTU content of other fuels. Over fifty percent of Enjet’s sales are in the feedstock area for carbon black manufacturers, coke producers, and fluid catalytic crackers.

Natural Gas

The Enjet natural gas marketing and trading group provides wholesale supply and scheduling services to clients in the Midwest and Gulf Coast regions. The group has also managed storage, transportation, and supply portfolios in all regions throughout the U.S. for the past 15 years.





Enjet, LLC
5373 West Alabama, Suite 502
Houston, Texas 77056, US
P: (+1) 713-552-1559
E: info@enjet.com