What We Do

Enjet, LLC is a privately held oil blending company with over 30 years of continuous delivery of various grades of carbon black oil, fuel oil and feedstocks to customers worldwide.

Enjet is an approved supplier for Birla, Bridgestone, Cabot, Columbian (Birla), Continental, Nhumo, OCI, Orion Engineered Carbons, PCBL, Sid Richardson, Tokai, and other worldwide Carbon Black producers.

For oil blending operations, Enjet leases approximately 2 million barrels of tankage (325,000 cubic meters), from 3 affiliated terminal companies along the U. S. Gulf Coast. The current terminals are PISTI, which is located in Galveston, Texas (near Houston); PFT, located in New Orleans (Mt. Airy), Louisiana; and Centerpoint Terminal, located in Baton Rouge (Port Allen), Louisiana.

These terminals allow Enjet to blend (through a proprietary sparging system), heat, and segregate multiple grades of carbon black feedstock oil, fuel oil and other grades of feedstock for immediate shipment worldwide.

Technical services: Enjet provides technical service to its suppliers and customers in the form of Tank Farm Management, Product Quality Tracking, Laboratory Specifications, Laboratory Research and Development, and Custom Processing Services under the name EnQAP (Enjet Quality Assurance Program).

Enjet purchases all of its blendstocks and feedstocks from major and independent oil companies located on the US East Coast, Gulf Coast, and West Coast; and from additional international locations using product produced by State owned or multinational oil companies. We can purchase or supply carbon black oil, fuel oils and feedstock in the range of 0.05% sulfur to 4.5% sulfur.

Enjet's primary specialties include carbon black feedstock oil and fuel oils. In addition, we are able to blend utility fuels, marine fuels, cutterstocks, as well as feedstocks for cokers and fluid catalytic crackers.

Additional information

Enjet, LLC is affiliated with Apex Oil. For additional information on our company please refer to www.enjet.com or www.apexoil.com. Our affiliated terminal company, World Point Terminals, (WPT-NYSE); owns PISTI and Centerpoint and more details are available at www.worldpointlp.com.



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